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MRNES THE REURTH OF THE BONEFACE FINAL BONECOVER video is here ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1 Absolutely “Weird” Trick Turns Your Mind Into A Natural Money Magnet

Source: The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles

“Since belief is all important, it behooves you to guard your thoughts; and as your beliefs will be shaped to a very great extent by the things you observe and think about, it is important that you should command your attention.

And here the will comes into use; for it is by your will that you determine upon what things your attention shall be fixed.

If you want to become rich, you must not make a study of poverty.

Things are not brought into being by thinking about their opposites. Health is never to be attained by studying disease and thinking about disease; righteousness is not to be promoted by studying sin and thinking about sin; and no one ever got rich by studying poverty and thinking about poverty.

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Medicine as a science of disease has increased disease; religion as a science of sin has promoted sin, and economics as a study of poverty will fill the world Do not talk about poverty; do not investigate it, or concern yourself with it.

Never mind what its causes are; you have nothing to do with them. What concerns you is the cure.”

“Do not spend your time in charitable work, or charity movements; all charity only tends to perpetuate the wretchedness it aims to eradicate.

I do not say that you should be hard hearted or unkind, and refuse to hear the cry of need; but you must not try to eradicate poverty in any of the conventional ways. Put poverty behind you, and put all that pertains to it behind you, and “make good.”

Giving-to-the-Poor Opportunities are multiplied when seized – Sun Tzu, Art of War

And you cannot hold the mental image which is to make you rich if you fill your mind with pictures of poverty.

Do not read books or papers which give circumstantial accounts of the wretchedness of the tenement dwellers, of the horrors of child labor, and so on. Do not read anything which fills your mind with gloomy images of want and suffering.

You cannot help the poor in the least by knowing about these things; and the wide-spread knowledge of them does not tend at all to do away with poverty.”

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“What tends to do away with poverty is not the getting of pictures of poverty into your mind, but getting pictures of wealth into the minds of the poor.

You are not deserting the poor in their misery when you refuse to allow your mind to be filled with pictures of that misery.

Poverty can be done away with, not by increasing the number of well to do people who think about poverty, but by increasing the number of poor people who purpose with faith to get rich.”

The poor do not need charity; they need inspiration.

Charity only sends them a loaf of bread to keep them alive in their wretchedness, or gives them an entertainment to make them forget for an hour or two; but inspiration will cause them to rise out of their misery.

If you want to help the poor, demonstrate to them that they can become rich; prove it by getting rich yourself.

People must be taught to become rich by creation, not by competition. Every man who becomes rich by competition throws down behind him the ladder by which he rises, and keeps others down; but every man who gets rich by creation opens a way for thousands to follow him, and inspires them to do so.

You are not showing hardness of heart or an unfeeling disposition when you refuse to pity poverty, see poverty, read about poverty, or think or talk about it, or to listen to those who do talk about it.

Use your will power to keep your mind OFF the subject of poverty, and to keep it fixed with faith and purpose ON the vision of what you want.”

Develop Your Brand By Telling Your Story

How To Succeed In The Music Industry On Your Terms

How To Succeed In The Music Industry On Your Terms

Disclaimer: First of all, let me make this clear. I’m not trying to say that making it in the music industry is easy, or that everyone who reads this will become a chart success. The aim of this guide is to help you define what success means for you personally, and look at what you’re willing to do to reach your goals. I’ll also touch briefly on creating a business plan to achieving your goals and more.

Hopefully the information in this guide will give you a clearer path, and increase the likeliness that you’ll get where you want in the music industry. Again though, nothing is guaranteed, and it’ll essentially be down to your drive, your level of talent, your marketing and business knowledge, the amount if time and effort you put in and the like.

If you’re not willing to put the work in, don’t expect to succeed in the music industry! – Tweet This

Now, with the disclaimer out of the way, let’s look at the steps you can take to succeeding in the music industry. 🙂

Define What Success In The Music Industry Is To You

Before anything else, you need to decide what your personal definition of success is. The reason for this is simple; if your idea of success is becoming well known in your country for being a talented musicians, you’ll need different steps to achieving that than you would if your aim was to earn a full time living from music.

So what is your final end game? What do you want to achieve? If you’re not yet sure, here are some common outcomes which a lot of musicians aim for. I’ve also included a (extremely generally) look at what’s needed to reach these goals:

  • Aim to play good music you and your friends will enjoy.
  • Aim to become well known at a local level. (Requires a lot of work).
  • Aim to become well known at a national scale. (Requires a lot of work and luck).
  • Aim to become well known at a international scale. (Requires a lot of work and a lot of luck).
  • Aim to earn a part time living from music. (Requires a lot of work).
  • Aim to earn a full time living from music (Requires a lot of work).
  • Aim to become wealthy from music (Requires a lot of work and a lot of luck).

Feel free to mix and match your goals as you need. For example, it may be your aim to be well known in your local area and earn a full time living from your music. This is an achievable goal if you know what you’re doing.

While it’s easy to assume that most people would want to become internationally well known and wealthy from their music, that’s not always the case. As someone who regularly talks to musicians all around the world, I’ve seen that different people want to achieve different things, and everyone has their reasons for their end goal. So no matter what your end goal is, be sure it’s clear in your mind and we can move forward.

Determine What You’re Willing To Do To Succeed In The Music Industry

This is where the whole ‘on your terms’ bit fits in.

So now you know what you want to achieve from your music career, the next steps is deciding what you’re willing to do to achieve these goals. No, I’m not talking about who you’ll sleep with to get to the top (I do not recommend this). Instead, you need to decide if you want to achieve your goals strictly through your personal brand as a musician, or if you’re willing to use your musical skill in other ways to pad out your income and get you better known.

Let’s say the goals in your music career are mainly driven by money. Making a part time living is something I feel most musicians with talent and good marketing knowledge can achieve. That said, only a % of those people will go on to make a full time comfortable living from their music alone. It is achievable, but it’s a lot harder than if you were to also use the talents you’ve acquired from the music industry for other forms of earning.

For example, if you were to start teaching up and coming musicians how to sing, rap or produce, you could earn more than you would from just playing gigs and selling songs alone. Teaching wouldn’t get in the way of you playing gigs; gigs are generally performed later at night, while your teaching lessons would likely be in the day. Furthermore, if you was to teach via a online video course for example, after you’ve created your product you wouldn’t have to actively be there to teach each new person that came along.

There are plenty of income streams you could tap in which are music related, but which don’t involve your personal brand as a musician. Other examples include songwriting for others, doing backing vocals for other musicians, doing skits for people in need of them (isn’t restricted to other musicians) and the like. Think about who you can help with the talents you have, and provide a service to them.

With regards to becoming well known in the music industry, do you want to achieve that strictly by making music, or are you willing to get known for other things which could in turn boost your profile and allow you to promote your music from there?

Sometimes, the most effective path is to create a larger brand which isn’t just focused on your music. How do you go about doing this? Well, think about what fans of your music genre are also into, and target one of these interests.

For example, if you make music in a genre where a lot of the listeners are also into skateboarding, could you capitalize on that in some way? If you can skateboard to a good level and compete in televised competitions, great, there’s another way for you to reach more people and showcase your music to a targeted audience. If not, could you start up a skateboarding related blog or podcast? Maybe covering the events that happen, reviewing the best skateboards, or interviewing well known boarders.

As you showcase your face and build up a relationship with your website / podcast visitors, be sure to leave links to your music on the site, in the podcast, in your videos and the like. Your music will fit perfectly into the feel of what you’re offering, and get new fans of your music along the way.

This is just an example, you can find things relevant to your genre no matter what kind of music you make. The formula is this:

  1. Find another popular interest shared by a lot of people in your genre.
  2. Build a platform (e.g. blog or podcast) which covers that side of thing. I suggest making a website first, then if you also want a podcast doing that after.
  3. Incorporate your face and music into that new platform of yours so people know you made the site and also the music on it.
  4. Cross promote your website / podcast and your music.

One of the reasons this works great is because you’re creating your own platform to showcase your music. If you set your blog or podcast up so that the brand name is related to the interest rather than you personally, you’ll get more people checking it out simply because it’s something they have an existing interest in (even if they’ve never heard of you before). Then once they’re paying attention, you can now introduce yourself as the creator, and at some point introduce them to your music. You can also use this platform to build credibility and build connections you couldn’t as an up and coming musician.

As you can see in both examples, by doing more than promoting yourself as just a musician, you can open up other opportunities to both earning more and getting more exposure. This isn’t a path that everyone will want to take, but it is a option, so it’s worth thinking about.

Creating A Business Plan For Success

Next up, you’ll need to create a plan of action. After all, it’s one thing knowing what you want to achieve, and it’s another thing getting there.

As I mentioned earlier, it’d be impossible for me to map out every stage of what you need to do in this one article. That said, here are some pointers which will hopefully get you moving in the right direction.

First of all, you need to work out what steps are needed to get where you want to be. You’ll find help discovering what kind of steps you’ll need and help with achieving these steps both via the hundreds (if not thousands) of guides on Music Think Tank, as well as the hundreds of guides I’ve written on Music Industry How To and other sites. So have a look around, a see what you need to do to get started on your chosen path.

Next up, you’ll need to set S.M.A.R.T goals for each of these steps. S.M.A.R.T will allow you to come up with a realistic plan of actions you’ll need to follow to achieve your goal. That guide I linked to is one that will help you with this side of things, and will help you form your overall business plan.

If you’re struggling to put a business plan together and want some guidance with what you should be doing next in terms of your music career, you may want to check out my ‘next steps’ program.

Work At Achieving Your Goals

Once you’ve defined what success is to you, you know what you’re willing to do to achieve that, and you have a business plan ready to be followed, there’s only one thing left to do: putting in the work to making yourself a success!

Be under no illusion that it’ll be quick and easy; it’s rarely either for the majority of musicians. Music isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Real work and hours are needed to ‘stand above the noise’, being talented alone isn’t enough to earn from music or get your name out there.

Be prepared to put in as many hours as you can every week, and to sacrifice some of your favorite TV shows and other hobbies in exchange for getting your music out there.


I hope this guide has given you a better idea of what success is to you, and given you some ideas on ways in which you can go about achieving your goals. As with any business, clearly defined goals are needed to know where you’re heading. Add to that hard work and putting in the time, and you’ll increase the likeliness you’ll reach where you want to be tenfold.

If it’s your aim to make money from your music career, you may want to check my free report on doing just that. In there I look at why many musicians fail to make a income from their music (hint: it’s something that can be worked around when you know what the barrier is). I also look at other related issues and give relevant tips and advice.

If your aim is mainly about getting known, you’ll also want to check out my free ebook on marketing (this is different than the previously mentioned ebook so get them both). This is one that’s already helped over 1000 musicians get a better idea of what music marketing is all about, and got them up and running with putting the process into affect.

If you found this guide useful, please share it with your fellow musicians and friends. You can do this by sharing it on your social profiles, or by linking to it from your site for people to follow. I’ll be back with another guide soon. 🙂

Shaun Letang.


unnamed (1)


                                               Exclusive Interview


Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today.
I was born in Dominican Republic and raised in Jersey City, NJ. I got to the position I’m in today because of the love I have for hip-hop. I first fell in love with hip-hop when I first heard “Walk this Way” featuring AeroSmith by Run DMC. I was then inspired to rap after watching my favorite movie Juice.


Tell us more about the current song you are promoting to everyone.
My latest release off my upcoming album “The Boneface” titled “Last Song” featuring Erick Right and produced by Shy Booges. “Last Song”  is my current song that I am promoting. I describe the way I felt about a lost love using music as a metaphor. It’s basically about a love that is everything I’ve always wanted but no longer in love. I also have a Trap Step Project titled  “YoTrapMidi!” dropping soon and I just dropped two new videos. For my singles “Last Song” and “All Night”  I also shot a new video for my rap/dubstep track tittled “She like Dem” coming soon look out for that….


Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in the industry?
One of the hardest challenges I had to face in the industry is the passing of my best friend “Big Mike.” He was my manager and mentor. He was a grinder just like me. He completed me and believed in my music. It took me a long time to get back to my grind knowing I didn’t have him by my side. I almost thought I couldn’t go on without him. But now I use his death as inspiration to keep going to the top. I owe it to him.


What was one of the biggest set backs in your career and how did you bounce back?
One of the biggest set backs in my career was when the music game went digital. Illegal downloads and piracy made record labels scared to sign new artists. I bounced back by doing what the record labels failed to do. Instead of fighting the internet I embraced it. I’m using the internet as a platform to promote and market my music and brand straight to my fans with no middle man.


What are some things artists need to be careful of?
Artists need to be careful of music scams like fake marketing companies that claim to build up an internet buzz for a fee. They’re not real numbers and/or views.


What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?
A suggestion I can give to artists like myself is learn how to market and create your brand. You must act like record labels don’t exist and do it yourself. That might be the best way to get a deal.


What is one of your favorite ways to promote yourself and your music?
My favorite ways to promote my self and my music is through my social sites on line promotions and gorilla street marketing. Love being out there just keeping a hand on the streets…


mrnes tide,blingWhere can people visit you?
Connect with MRNES:
Official website:
Social Networks:


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Not too long ago, if you were known as a “rapper” you were automatically stereotyped and categorized as one type of genre. It was assumed that you as a “rapper” talked, walked, dressed and acted a certain way. You were either accepted by your peers or exit out. Now, a new wave has taken over. What was not accepted in the past is now acknowledged. There are no longer limits. Borders have been crossed and music lovers have embraced the “rappers” of today.

MRNES is a part of this new waive. He’s creating his own music lane with his unique style, choice of lyrics and flow. Good music is undeniable. MRNES has redefined the term “rapper” and has taken this method of music and has transformed it into his own. He brings a new flavor to the music world. He’s sound can be described as Wiz Khalifa meets Fabulous with a twist of B.O.B. MRNES’s mission is to capture the soul that lives in music and create tunes that many can relate to and enjoy listening too for years to come.

MRnes kicks it up a notch with his latest single release “Urban Flower”.

MRnes was born in Dominican Republic and came to America as a child spending much of his youth in Washington Heights, New York.  He soaked in the environment around him infusing his soul with life that surrounded him.  He has traveled a personal journey to get to where he is today a proud man who has taken his life experiences and turning it into the most innovative sound on the airwaves to date. 

 MRnes is relatively new in the New York, Latino music scene however he has been gaining ground by connecting and collaborating with well respected and popular artists such as Fat Joe, Tony Sunshine and Daddy Yankee and others.  He has also shared the stage with an extraordinary list of hip-hop and rap artists including but not limited to Mobb Deep, Capone-N Norega, T.O.K., Lil Wayne, Don Omar, Akon, DJ Kahled, 112, Cassedy, State Property, Big Sean, Drake, Mack Miller and many others. 

 MRnes is announcing the release of his single “Urban Flower” ft. Shy Boogs which is off of his yet to be released CD titled “The Boneface Project”.  It is about a smart girl who grew up in an urban area of the hood who manages to stay positive and as beautiful as a flower despite her surroundings.   This single is part of a segment of this upcoming CD which is filled with internationally flavored songs. “Urban Flower” is a hot dance tune that will make you want to get up on your feet to dance.  It has a great catchy Brazilian rhythm with a bit of a tropical undertone to it.  It is filled with a great creative electronic arrangement that carries the tune right to the end.  It is the perfect radio friendly song that initiates a feeling of freedom, happiness and joy.    It is a contagious song that you can’t stop singing.  That’s the mark of a true artist.

“The Boneface Project” is set for release in 2013 but no official date has been given at this time. 



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