#BREAKINGNEWS: Rapper MRNES & EDM Producer PAUL PICASSO have formed an EDM/TRAPSTEP GROUP “Yo!TrapMidi”


EDM producer Paul Picasso and Jersey MC MRNES join forces to create an EDM/Trap Step group called YoTrapMidi. To form the group wasn’t a hard task since they’ve previously worked together on many of MRNES’s hiphop tracks. They both have fallen in love with the Trap World and feel they can take it up a notch and make some amazing tracks together.


Trap music is a music genre that originated in the early 2000s from Southern hip hop and crunk in the Southern United States. In 2012, a new movement of electronic music producers and DJs emerged who began incorporating elements of trap music into their works. This helped expand its popularity among electronic music fans.

Labeled as the “new dubstep”, trap music continues to expand its popularity. The music was initially dubbed simply as “trap” by producers and fans, which led to the term “trap” being used to address the music of both rappers and electronic producers., Instead of referring to a single genre, the term “trap” is used to describe two separate genres of rap and dance music.

No matter your views on Electronic Dance Music, there is one thing for sure – it never fails to keep things interesting in this ever changing industry. The new movement seems to be Trap EDM, or to put it simply, “Trapstep” and it may be blowing up faster than the entire scene itself. If you are not familiar (and I don’t blame you) it’s pretty simple. Imagine all of the wubs, womps, build ups, drops, etc. you surely are used to hearing by now but throw in a looped Gucci Mane or Meek Mill beat with an overwhelming amount of random ad-libs ping ponging through your speakers. That’s trapstep.


YoTrapMidi will be releasing their first EP together self titled YoTrapMidi. Coming soon. Look out for it!!!



The Science of Procrastination – And How To Manage It

Everything you wanted to know about orgasms(video)

Everything you wanted to know about orgasms, but were too afraid to ask. Who knew science could be so sexy?

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5 Ways Musicians Can Benefit From Google Glass[es]

5P.txt Ways Musicians Can Benefit From Google Glass[es]

P.txtLove ‘em, hate ‘em, it doesn’t matter. Google Glass or Glasses, depending on what suits, are going to be part of your reality. Welcome to a wearable technology that will have unexpected effects on the world of music. But musicians and music pundits aren’t waiting for the actual tech to arrive as you can see from the following bit of paranoia plus 5 ways musicians can benefit.

Google Glass is ushering in a strange and disturbing world in some respects. Yet they also fit a time when most folks are happy to create self-surveillance databanks via Facebook and related networks while disregarding the government’s increasing data collection in the name of security.

The MusicTechPolicy blog’s paranoid cop vision seems relatively on target:

“I always said that the last frontier for Google would be to find a way to monetize human conversations–not only can they do that with Google Glass, but they can now send human drones in to your shows to record your songs and have them up on the Internet before your last encore whether you like it or not. Not legally, of course, but when has that ever stopped Google when they can send in the mob?”

Yet, given the move to livestreaming and related options, I think there’s a more positive and proactive approach available to performers but that’s your call, dear reader.

In addition to getting your fans to create live concert videos, as bands are already doing with Switchcam, CrowdSync and Vyclone, here are some ways to turn your music tech terror frown upside down:

1) Google Glass commercials have provided placements for songs by The Kissaway Trail and Bibio.

2) The commercials and concept have led to such YouTube videos as aukelele cover of Bibio’s “Lover’s Carvings”, a “Song About Google Glass”and a disorienting “First Person Music Video”.

3) Alex Guthrie applied for the first release of Google Glass with plans for the Alex Guthrie Google Glass Tour 2013. We’ll soon know if he’s one of thelucky 8000 chosen in the first round.

4) DJ Pauly D ain’t waiting for an official release when a knockoff pair for a music video can get him some quick publicity.

5) And, though the RjDj app is no longer available, the bone conduction sound tech of Google Glass should open up new possibilities for mixing personal and environmental sounds.

So whether you choose despair or positive action either way somebody’s gonna be watching you.

Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (@fluxresearch/@crowdfundingm) also blogs at All World Dance: Videos and maintains Music Biz Blogs. To suggest topics for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

Gratitude – The Key to Success (great tip )this will help

Gratitude – The Key to Success

By Deryl W Duer –

The Key to Success

I saw a post today on Facebook that said, “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?” and it forced me to pause and think. Am I grateful for what I have, or do I tend to look for “greener grass?” That’s when I knew I had to write this article. This one attitude impacts every area of our life.

You can change your life with a single thought.

This one thought can:

• Create great wealth

• Restore health and even cure disease

• Unlock your greatest potential

• Forge and fortify deep abiding love

• Inspire great joy to the point of bliss

Scripture tells us: “For as [a man] thinks within himself, so he is.” (Proverbs 23:7 NAS95)

Therefore, it is vitally important that we watch what thoughts we allow ourselves to think. You may have heard the expression, “You bring about what you think about.” Pretty simple, right? Our lives are a product of our thought process. You will get what you expect in life.

So what are we expecting? Why does one person have a different expectation than another? Our THOUGHTS drive our expectation. Whatever we’re thinking about becomes what we expect to happen. This is why the great self-improvement books have focused on the power of thoughts. Of all the thoughts you experience and control, there is one that can profoundly transform your life on a daily basis. What is it? Gratitude.

How does gratitude transform our lives?

Our mind is bombarded with million of bits of information every second, so it filters out everything it is not actively looking for.

As a general rule, our mind looks for what is wrong, lacking or missing in our environment. Its primary job is to avoid danger and ensure our survival with threat-assessment emotions like fear, hesitation and suspicion. However, if we allow ourselves to become preoccupied with these negative thoughts, they begin to dominate our mind and become our expectations. Because we begin to expect negative we begin to create negative in our life. The ultimate result: a lifetime of disappointing and unfulfilling experiences and outcomes.

However, we CAN stop the natural negative tendency of our mind by redirecting it towards abundance and what’s positively possible by focusing it on what we’re grateful for. Almost instantly your life can change its trajectory.

This simple shift can revolutionize your world and all that you can create in it.

You see and experience what you look for. Sound too easy?

Take this simple test: In the room where you’re sitting now, count the number of red items you see. Note as many as you can. How many items did you count? Now without looking again-eyes closed- how many items in the room do you remember were blue? You probably can’t recall many at all. When you open your eyes and focus on the blue items, you’ll probably see many more than you remembered. Why? Because the first time you weren’t looking for them, thus you didn’t see them. In your first reality they did really exist at all.

An attitude of gratitude opens your mind up to focus on the positive and ultimately see, discover and create more of the same. As a result, you will experience more abundance, prosperity, well-being, love, joy and happiness.

The Tangible Benefits of Gratitude

Health – Research has proven that practicing gratitude improves our emotional and physical well-being, reduces stress, worry, fear, anxiety and the conditions closely associated with these emotions such as high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, and immune system deficiencies. Maybe you aren’t in the greatest physical shape right now, but you have the opportunity and ability to improve that, starting right now. My story is proof of that. Be thankful for that.

Relationships – I loved what Joel Osteen said in Darren Hardy’s interview with him. Our partners usually fulfill only about 80% of our needs. Most people, however, focus on the 20% that’s missing. Thus, they ultimately become unhappy and unfulfilled. Sadly, many people will leave the relationship to find that 20% in someone else. What they find is that “new” person will also fulfill only about 80% of their needs as well-they’re just different needs and expectations from their last partner.

The key is to focus on the 80% of what is right, wonderful and beautiful about your partner and your relationship. Your positive perspective will change how you appreciate, interact and support your partner, thus garnering a much different response and engagement from them.

Wealth – When you see the glass half-full versus half-empty, you will start to see the abundance of water all around you. When you attune your mind to abundance you will start to develop new ideas, and see the opportunity and potential all around you. Your positive outlook will change how you walk, talk and interact in the world. Other influential and resourceful “birds of a feather” will also see the commonality and want to connect with you.

Put on your rose colored glasses.

Gratitude is a choice. It can become a positive habit-but only with discipline. With continued exercise and practice, it will create more abundance, prosperity, well-being, joy and happiness than you ever thought possible.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving-my favorite holiday and expression of my favorite success principle-I want to thank YOU – all of you who have read and followed me through my blog, on Facebook and Twitter, and YouTube.

One of my favorite inspirational speakers and personal growth “guru,” Jim Rohn, teaches that greatest gift of all is the gift of personal development-so that is what I want to pass on to you. The one book that has had the most impact on my development over the past year has been Darren Hardy’s “The Compound Effect.” This book and audio program teaches how success (or failure) in every area of life, including fitness, is based on the small things done repeatedly over time.

In closing, here are some questions for you:

In what ways will you express your gratitude over the next week?

What is your favorite gratitude practice?

12 Universal Skills You Need to Succeed at Anything


12 Universal Skills

There are a lot of skills you don’t need.  You can be happy and successful without knowing how to rebuild a car’s engine, program a web application, or replace drywall.  Sure, these are useful skills to have, but they aren’t absolutely necessary.

There are other skills, however, that can’t be avoided – skills that tie into various aspects of everyday life, that are not only useful, but totally indispensable.  For instance, you can’t get far in today’s world without being able to read or write.  And today the ability use a computer proficiently is simply assumed.

In this article we’re going to skip the super basic skills like reading, driving, and using a computer, and discuss twelve slightly more advanced skills that are woefully under-taught, and universally applicable.  Let’s take a look…

1.  Prioritizing and time management. – If success depends on effective action, effective action depends on the ability to focus your attention where it is needed most, when it is needed most.  This is the ability to separate the important from the unimportant, which is a much needed skill in all walks of life, especially where there are ever increasing opportunities and distractions.

2.  Keeping a clean, organized space. – Successful people have systems in place to help them find what they need when they need it – they can quickly locate the information required to support their activities.  When you’re disorganized, that extra time spent looking for a phone number, email address or a certain file forces you to drop your focus.  Once it’s gone, it takes a while to get it back – and that’s where the real time is wasted.  Keeping both your living and working spaces organized is crucial.

3.  Critical thinking and information analysis. – We are living in the information age where, on a daily basis, we are constantly exposed to an ever growing and rapidly changing pool of information.  Being able to evaluate this information, sort the valuable from the trivial, analyze its relevance and meaning, and relate it to other information is a priceless skill with universal applicability.

4.  Logical, informed decision making. – Decision making is simply knowing what to do based on the information available.  Being able to respond quickly and effectively with the information you have in your head is essential to accomplishing anything.

5.  Using Google proficiently for online research. – You don’t have to know everything, but you should be able to quickly and painlessly find out what you need to know.  Google is a gateway to nearly infinite knowledge; it has indexed websites containing information on just about everything and everyone.  If you’re having trouble finding something using Google, it’s time to learn a few new tricks.

6. Basic accounting and money management. – It’s a simple fact that our modern society is governed by the constant exchange of money.  Money allows you to maintain a roof over your head and put food on the table each night.  Knowing how to properly manage your money – tracking and recording your expenses and income, saving and investing – is not only an important skill for thriving, it’s an important skill that helps you survive.

7. Effective communication and negotiating. – Give the people in your life the information they need rather than expecting them to know the unknowable.  Don’t try to read other people’s minds, and don’t make other people try to read yours.  Most problems, big and small, within a family, friendship, or business relationship, start with bad communication.  Speak honestly, and then give others a voice and show them that their words matter.  And remember that compromise and effective negotiating are vital parts of effective communication.

8. Relaxation. – Stress leads to poor health, poor decision-making, poor thinking, and poor socialization.  So be attentive to your stress level and take short breaks when you need to.  Slow down.  Breathe.  Give yourself permission to pause, regroup and move forward with clarity and purpose.  When you’re at your busiest, a brief recess can rejuvenate your mind and increase your productivity.  These short breaks will help you regain your sanity, and allow you to reflect on your recent actions so you can be sure they’re in line with your goals.

9.  Proficient writing and note-taking. – The written word isn’t going away; it is used in every walk of life.  Learning to write proficiently so that others can understand you is critical.  Also, using your writing skills to take useful notes is one of the most productive things you can do, regardless of the task at hand.  Writing things down – taking notes – helps us remember what we hear, see, or read when we’re learning something new, or trying to remember something specific.

10. Relationship networking. – In a world dominated by constant innovation and information exchange, relationship networking creates the channel through which ideas and information flow, and in which new ideas are shared, discussed and perfected.  A large relationship network, carefully cultivated, can be leveraged to meet the right people, find jobs, build businesses, learn about new trends, spread ideas, etc.

11. Positivity. – Research shows that although we think that we act because of the way we feel, in fact, we often feel because of the way we act.  A great attitude always leads to great experiences.  People who think optimistically see the world as a place packed with endless opportunities, especially in trying times.  Be positive, smile, and make it count.  Pretend today is going to be great.  Do so, and it will be.

12. Self-discipline. – Self-discipline is a skill.  It is the ability to focus and overcome distractions.  It involves acting according to what you think instead of how you feel in the moment.  It often requires sacrificing the pleasure and thrill for what matters most in life.  Therefore it is self-discipline that drives you to succeed in the long-term.

What did we miss?  What are some other useful life skills that are universally applicable?  Leave a comment below and let everyone know.

Photo by: Zack Schnepf