Overnight Success – Does That Happen?

Success doesn’t happen overnight…does it? Being aware of “making it” in the music industry is one of the most important things to understand for anyone who is yearning to make a career out of it. Knowing that there is no guarantee of becoming successful as a musician should be one of the first things you make yourself aware of. However, there are things you can do to increase your chances of reaching your desired level of prosperity.

First off, start asking yourself what makes you different then the millions of other people making music every day? Are you versatile? What genre do you play? Can you perform? Do you produce? What other aspects of the music industry can you contribute to your success? In today’s world the best chances of success are often attributed with being multi-faceted and the ability to handle more than just the creation of music, which is an art in itself.

Everyone has heard the saying “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” and most people might not think too much about that statement and the truth of the power it holds. Many people may be waiting for that record deal or some funding to come out of the sky so they can record their big album idea. One thing they might not be considering is the preparation it takes to fully take advantage of an opportunity like that, if and when it comes. There are incredible amounts of smaller, equally valuable opportunities that have a greater probability of being landed by an independent artist and the benefits of pursuing these opportunities could lead to that “one shot” that you are waiting for.

One thing that everyone can control is setting personal goals for yourself musically. Practice learning an instrument, memorizing your songs, investing in the next level of music software/sounds for music producers, enhancing your sound, becoming more vocally diverse, taking vocal lessons, performing locally or even for small groups of family/friends, continue writing/recording songs, and engaging fans on social media sites, and many more things that are controlled by you the artist. These things will make a huge difference in your own personal and artistic development and will definitely begin separating you from the crowd of musicians that are not doing more to stand-out.

So even though there is no clear path to overnight success, there are plenty of ways to make the dream more of a reality.