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Are you looking for more exposure? Interested in getting featured in Lookaheah Media?? BLOGS? WE can HELP get YOUR BuzZ uP!!!


Are you looking for more exposure? Interested in getting featured in Lookaheah Media for a reasonable price?Lookaheah Media is offering a 7 day promotional package deal to upcoming independent artists, fashion designers, DJ’s, photographers, models etc. The package includes a feature on our website that will be exposed to over 60,000 unique visitors for 7 consecutive days.

The feature will include but not limited to:

·         Bio

·         EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

·         Pictures of artist

·         Samples of what you have to offer to the world

·         All contact information including links to media sites


Get Music Coaching

We can be hired for a reasonable price to help grow your buzz.  We combine digital marketing techniques and advise people on direction and how to develop their following.

How it Works:

After a package is purchased we send out a detailed questionnaire so we can get as much background on you as possible.  After we have reviewed your responses and thoroughly researched your online presence we connect by phone and go over your needs.  We can provide you with a plan of action to accomplish your music related goals.

What does a Coaching Session usually Cover?

It covers a wide range of topics that vary based on your individual needs.  Coaching is usually related to helping you solve the problems that arise when growing your buzz.  We can advise you on how to achieve growth with the resources you currently have and guide you in the right direction on how to best approach many future resources you will meet along the way.










How it Works:

When you invest in a bio package, expect a highly-personalized experience. First, we send out a detailed questionnaire so we can get as much information as possible about your story, your unique personality and your music. Once we have reviewed your responses, you connect via phone or Skype to go over your specific needs and add those personal touches that can’t be gleaned from a written questionnaire alone. After this conversation, it generally takes 1-2 weeks to turn around your bio. Once completed and delivered, we will schedule a follow-up call to go over the bio and make any additional adjustments.

Have you been putting off writing your bio for a while? It might be time to invest in professional help!











Artist Press Release

Is it time to get the word out about your album release, upcoming tour, website launch or other special project?

Get a professional band or artist press release written by our team of writers.

How It Works:

Creating a press release with our team, expect a hands-on experience. After gathering information about your upcoming release, event or special project we will put together a brief, personalized survey about your story as a musician. Once we have reviewed all this information, we will connect via phone or Skype so we can create a press release that will fully capture your personality and goals. After this conversation, you can expect to have your finished press release in about a week.














 Music Marketing Direction

Need direction? Not sure how to get more exposure? Looking for a new image or guidance? We can help!! We offer packages to help you create custom music marketing / music business plans for your next music release, tour or just to expand your reach and exposure as an artist. We can guarantee that if the plan is followed your music will be exposed to more people.

How it Works:

After a package is purchased we will send out a detailed marketing questionnaire so we can get as much background on you as possible.  After we have reviewed your responses and thoroughly researched your online presence we connect by phone and go over your needs.  After this conversation it will take 1-2 weeks to turn around your plan.  Once completed and delivered we schedule a follow up call to go over the plan and make adjustments if needed.

What does the package include?

Your package will include an overall review of your existing business and ways to make your business stronger and grow your fan base.  Depending on the package you choose it can include all or a few strategies on how to best handle the following:

  • Website Optimization (both in terms of search and conversion rate)
  • Email Marketing
  • Converting and Retaining fans
  • Social Media and Overall Digital Strategy
  • Online Video Promotion Techniques
  • Press Exposure
  • Music Placement




YouTube Music Promotion

We will put together a single YouTube video that features your entire album, or clips of each song. YouTube is currently the number-one destination for people seeking new music. Promoting thru YouTube is extremely valuable because it gives fans and potential fans one place to experience all of your new art in one location.

How it Works:

We create custom artwork in a high-quality video that features as much of your album as you would like. Some artists choose to use 20-second samples, while others embed albums in full. The artwork features a track listing with embedded links, so fans can skip tracks simply by clicking song titles. We can also embed links to interviews or other videos.

There are not many secrets or shortcuts to effective promotion, as is the reality of most businesses. If you want to get your mix tape out there effectively to reach the widest audience you will have to invest work, time, and money; as well as have a product that will convert fans once they are reached. We break down our promotional campaigns into 4 parts.

§  Social Tools

§  Email Blasts

§  Social Network Posts

§  Press Release & PR Campaign


Social Tools and Email Blasts – Our site and many other sites are developed with specific social tools to help share the content most effectively. LOOKAHEAH TRACKS AND Mix tapes is equipped with the obvious “Share” features via Facebook, Twitter, Google+; but it is also important to take it a step further with sites that offer special API integration. When a user downloads a mix tape on our website they automatically post a link to the CONTENT on their Facebook, offering significant viral action for all our clients. We also feature a Facebook Comment API where every user who comments on a mix tape creates a post to their facebook with a link to the MUSIC. All of these tools create a viral action for TRACKS that pick up buzz, and allows an artist to really take advantage of even a small network of core FANS all are effective at expanding the reach of any artist. If your goal is to reach as many people as possible, then by default you must know that you need to hire every email blast company on the planet to reach the highest possible audience. At Lookaheah Media we make the job easy for you by having relationships with every effective email blast company mentioned in our posts on payroll, saving you money and time by dealing in bulk and handling everything for you. I would encourage every artist to seek additional sources of email blasts, but do so acknowledging your total budget at all times, as many offer a superior CPM (Cost Per Impression) rate.

Social Network Posts – We are all aware that social networks are the lifeline of promotion for any company, specifically regarding music and mix tapes. This is always the go to for every artist but you need to be sure you are again posting to the largest addressable audience to get the maximum exposure for your project. At Lookaheah Media we provide access to our social networks with every mix tape promotion package, but be sure you and all of your team are doing the same to post daily to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all other networks possible. Again if you followed the first step and are sending a link to a properly programmed website every person that you get to click could create thousands of views down the road as the social integration creates posts to reach their friends, and then the mix tape is viral. If you do not push a link that is properly connected as Lookaheah Media Mix tapes is then you are losing before you start, so be sure every last click you are able to garner is pushed towards an effective landing page to convert users into your own viral street team.

Press Release & PR Campaign – Every piece of content created by a musician should have some kind of press release and press push behind it, whether it be an email blast to a few blogs to a full professional Press Release distributed through the AP (Associated Press) wires to millions of new outlets. This again is key to turning your mix tape viral as every additional site and source you can get to post your project and get clicks can potentially create thousands of viral clicks, that is again if you followed Step 1 and work with a site that has the proper social tools. Also many times people or artists discount the power of a traditional press release, these are key to reaching the outlets such as traditional magazines (Billboard, etc.) to gain publicity for a project. These traditional users are not often opt in users to the various email blast services, so a traditional press release is needed to reach them. Also local news should not be overlooked, but you should approach them with a solid Press Release written for your project and a personal email or letter offering any help you can provide to get your story published.

This is all great advice to keep in mind when pushing a project, but the bottom line at the end of this story is that content is key. In this day and age if your content (mix tape) is not up to par it will instantly be washed out to the bottom of the thousands of inferior mix tapes released every day. So the first step before any of the promotion is to make sure your project is the best it can be, and then take the time to effectively promote your project.

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