Ohhh man what a night in Atlantic City. Shout out to DJ Big Ben. He definitely knows how to rock a party. I had such a great time at Providence last night. The Music was pumping and the crowd was live. I haven’t been to a good club in a minute. I actually don’t remember the last time I had so much fun in a club.
Definitely needed to get away for a few days and unwind. I’ve been working soo hard it was a well deserved mini vacation. I ended up staying at the Tropicana. What an amazing hotel. The service was excellent. Luxury isn’t the word. They treated me like a King. I felt I was in another world and I didn’t even need to leave the hotel.
They had 3 floors of gaming. I didn’t even know where to begin. The sun was going down when I got there and when my boys dragged me off the jack table the sun was just coming up. There were so many live tables and slots everywhere. The energy in there was crazy!! People were jumping and screaming every few minutes.
Let me tell you it was a real lucky night for a lot of people. Everywhere I looked someone else was winning. I can honestly say I learned a lot about gambling over the last few days. And I think I’m actually getting hooked. The rush you get when gambling is unexplainable. And once you win you just can’t stop because you want to keep winning. That’s why I signed up to Castle JackpotYou should check out the site. They have live gaming. You can play for points or with real money. The site is definitely secure and they have so many games to choose from. I ended up creating an account because now I can play anytime I want and from where ever I’m at.
Anyhow, definitely had some good times. Need to go back to Atlantic City real soon. Had a blast……….