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50 Ways To Boost Your Brain PowerListen to the voice

Steve Jobs’ Harvard speech presents a very important point which is crucial to the quest of discovering soul and its powers.  He says that we spend our life listening to the voices coming from outside and in its humdrum and noise we lose contact with our own inner voice. So if you want to find true ingenuity and genius, you have to block these voices and concentrate on the voice coming from with in. and this is what creative visualization is all about.

Naturally this spiritual streak is inspired of Buddhism. You can concentrate on this inner voice by few simple exercises. You can start by retreating to a quiet place and talking to yourself. Soon you will start getting answer from the inner voice. Conversation is a way of nourishing your soul’s voice. Talk to yourself and see the voice growing and gaining strength. This voice will lead you towards the path you are destined for. This exercise will help you in exploring and identifying your ingenuity and genius. You have to believe that you are destined for a special task but you have to strive towards it. Filtering the unnecessary voices and reaching towards “your” voice is the real mission.

Join the dots

Steve says that every event of life is connected and you have to see things in totality in order to get to the real meaning of the events. When we see success, defeat, happiness, loss and all these conflicting events, they appear more like polarities rather than meaningful and complimenting powers. The real meaning appears when we learn to join the dots and perceive thing in whole.He quotes the example of a calligraphy course which he took and it helped him in learning to join the dots in life. Life takes a total new shape when we perceive things in this way. Creative visualization can help you in developing this vision.


Steve says he learned more about life when he faced death. When he came to know about his state of health, he enjoyed life even more. So live every day of your life to its fullest as it’s the unpredictability and uncertainty of life which makes it more worth willing.