Can Anybody Sing? here is the answer

Can Anybody Sing?

Can Anybody Sing?
Yes, anybody can learn how to sing! We all have vocal cords that are made of the same exact parts and operate the same way for everybody. This means that everybody has the same exact instrument and all you have to do is learn how to play it. The only difference is the length and thickness of your vocal cords which determines how deep or light your voice will be. Think of the difference between a thick guitar string and a thin guitar string; the thicker string produces a lower pitch just like thicker vocal cords produce a deeper pitch. Besides that, all of our voices work the same! Anybody can sing, and anybody who says “you must be born with it” is 100% WRONG.

The Voice Is An Instrument Too
Your voice is an instrumentThe vocal cords are two bands in the shape of a “V” inside your larynx (voice box). They remain open when we breathe which is why we breathe silently. However, when we talk or sing, the vocal cords come together to close the gap between them which causes the air to push its way between the vocal cords causing them to vibrate. This vibration is the creation of sound. The frequency of the vibration determines pitch; higher frequency equals higher pitch. Your voice is an instrument and it is as simple as that process I have just described.

The real problem is that most people don’t understand how simple it really is and create problems for themselves by overthinking it and using extra muscle that causes strain and tension which significantly reduces the quality of your voice. Learning how to use the correct muscles and coordinations is the key to learning how to sing with a beautiful vocal tone; everybody has one! You just need to figure out how to play your “vocal instrument.”
Do You Believe Anybody Can Learn How To Sing?

Or do you have to be “born with it?”

Learning to sing is no different than learning how to play the guitar or piano. The voice is an instrument and singing is a skill that you must practice and develop just like you have to practice and develop your guitar or piano skills. Anybody can learn how to play the guitar or piano, and anybody can sing!
Case In Point
Proof anyone can singMany people think that famous singers have golden vocal cords as if singing was some kind of “gift” to them. Well, the vocal cords of your favorite singer are no different than yours (except for length and thickness). This means you have the same vocal instrument as your favorite singer! The major difference is that famous singers are very familiar with their voices and have mastered the art of singing. You too can master your voice just like learning an instrument.


Imagine you are watching your favorite guitar player rock his guitar on stage, amazing right? Now imagine you take his guitar backstage and switch around the strings and mess with the tuning. He will then pick up his guitar and sound like garbage because he will no longer be familiar with his instrument. He will sound just as “bad” as any beginner picking up a guitar for the first time. There is nothing special about the vocal cords of famous singers, and there is nothing special about the guitar of your favorite guitar player that makes him so good; the only difference is experience and how familiar you are with how your instrument works.

If you could erase the memory or brainwash a famous singer then they would wake up not knowing how to sing anymore because it is a learned skill that they would have forgotten. They would have to start over again just like you and take vocal lessons in order to learn how to use their vocal instrument. So yes, anybody can sing!
“Gifted Singers” Vs. “Non-Gifted Singers”
Part I
This is the question that will always cause great debate. Do you have to be born with singing as a natural talent? The simple answer is no, you don’t have to be born with a golden voice. However, singing does come easier to some people than others, but that does NOT mean you MUST be born with the “gift of singing!” Watch more below.

“Gifted Singers” Vs. “Non-Gifted Singers”
Part II
This is the second part of the video series posted above regarding the topic of “gifted” vs. “non-gifted singers.” Don’t worry, you do NOT have to be born with a golden voice… anybody can learn how to sing!

Words of Wisdom

“Once we get on the right track and start progressing we have nowhere to go but forward, and with time, we will reach our destination.”

Starting From Scratch!
This weekly vocal tip video goes over most of the common beginner hangups with learning how to sing. The truth is that, yes, anybody can learn how to sing. If you are serious about learning correct vocal technique then you have to let go of all of your current misconceptions and start from scratch. You must go back to the basics and develop a solid foundation before you build your voice. These sounds may sound silly, but they work!

Free Online Singing Lessons
Millions of people dream about becoming a singer, but not everybody can afford vocal lessons from a qualified vocal coach. This leaves some aspiring singers with no choice but to try to teach themselves how to sing which almost always results in the development of bad habits and poor vocal technique. Now every singer gets a fair shot at chasing their dreams with these free online singing lessons. Not only are they 100% FREE of charge, but they are also online videos so you can practice in the comfort of your own home on your own time schedule. This is your chance of a lifetime to discover your singing voice, and you can do it for free

Sure they are free, but are they GOOD?
Absolutely. Most of the time when you hear about free online singing lessons it is usually someone saying “oh this exercise will double your vocal range, but to see how to perform this exercise you must buy this and that…” That is NOT what these lessons are. These lessons are videotaped by professional vocal trainers in Nashville, TN (Music City) that use these vocal exercises while training their celebrity students. These are exercises and tutorials that professional singers have used to get the voices that you now hear on the radio.

I can go on all day about how legitimate and life changing these online lessons are, but all I have to do in order to prove that is to simply say you have to see it to believe it! See below.
Examples of Free Online Singing Lessons:

These are the real thing!

All of these free online singing lessons are created by professional vocal coaches in Nashville, TN. They teach you the same things that they teach famous singers such as Keith Urban and Taylor Swift. This is a chance in a lifetime, so if you dream of becoming a singer then you just hit the jackpot

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Free Online Singing Lesson

Who says there is no such thing as free?
You have just found the best free singing resources available to you on the internet. Yes, all of those videos really are 100% free of charge, so enjoy them while you can. This is your chance to change your life by changing your singing voice. Enjoy