building Healthy Self-Esteem< Christy Primmer

We have all been there. You spot a successful and attractive person walking with their head held high; rather than feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments in life the voice sets in “why can’t I look like that” or “how come I never have any luck?” and so it begins… the vicious cycle of negative thoughts leading to poor self-esteem.

Has it ever occurred to you that luck truly has nothing to do with it? Do you often find yourself feeling jealous or insecure around certain people, perhaps even random strangers who appear to have it all?

This brief article is designed to encourage you to start living your life, focusing on your goals and not anyone else. Only you know what is holding you back from “having it all.” Only you can make the necessary changes – but first you need an action plan.

I encourage the clients I work with to focus on their personal goals and desires. Whether it is pursuing education or a new career or improving your body image, it can happen. You need to be plugged into your own life and build your own self up. News flash… No one will do it for you. If you are tired of living life behind the scenes and feel desperate to make positive changes then start today!

You know where you have been and where you want to go. There is nothing wrong with asking for some help or guidance to get there but the responsibility is yours.

Start with the small things. Start complimenting yourself and when others compliment you simply reply with thank you! Too often, people find excuses not to accept compliments or to take pride in their work. Why? It is acceptable to feel proud about yourself. It is good for you and ultimately, for those around you that you like who you are. I encourage you to embark on a new journey today. No more body comparisons, no more self-guilt because you do not possess the body or career of your dreams. Take action and make it happen. You are worthy of healthy self-esteem. There is only one you. Why wait?

The only regret you may have is that you did not start sooner on your journey to a healthy you. Your self-esteem needs to be able to endure the critics in life. For some people that may mean family, co-workers, employers, neighbours, etc. the list goes on and on. Why do I say endure them? I say endure because it is bound to happen. Someone is going to criticize you in some way. Being able to endure another person’s opinion of you is simply accepting that it is theirs and not owning it as your own.

In order to feel good about yourself you need to honestly believe that you are enough just the way you are.

Create a list of the many desires you have and tackle them one day at a time. It will not be an easy process; that I promise you. You will have days that are more difficult than others. That is for sure! Do not give up. Persevere. Build on what you have right now.

Feeling good about yourself will definitely lead to healthier choices in all aspects of life. Feeling good about yourself will allow you to try new things and to step outside of your current comfort zone. Do it… what are you waiting for? The time is now.

Inspire yourself to put the past where it belongs – behind you. Take time to put yourself first and reap the benefits of building positive and healthy self-esteem. Your heart, mind and body will thank you.

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